Knowing that you are secure in your home is of the utmost importance to any family or homeowner. It is with this in mind that the FormulaOne Range of products has been developed.

You can be safe in the knowledge that when we install FORMULAONE range UPVC windows, doors or a conservatory, your home and possessions will benefit from an extra level of security.

We never fit the cheapest components to our windows or doors – they are all carefully sourced in order to provide our customers with the extra assurance that their new purchase will keep them safe for years to come.

We use multi point locking systems on both our windows and doors, meaning that forced entry through a locking system becomes highly unlikely. The hardware used is high security and the majority of it is Secured By Design compliant.

We can offer a range of additional upgrades such as extra security locking points on window frames, an additional two locking points on a door (it already has 6) and door chains.