Built on innovation, Edgetech continues to develop new ideas and concepts to revolutionize the industry. Additionally, Edgetech is committed to educating the industry and homeowners about high-performance windows and their benefits in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Edgetech’s Super Spacer® is a line of thermal resistant, flexible, edge seal products that deliver superior warm edge performance in insulating glass systems for commercial and residential use. Its unique structural foam, no-metal construction is desiccant filled with a pre-applied adhesive. Super Spacer warm edge spacers also feature a proprietary multi-layer vapor barrier for improved performance in a window system.

This product enables us to achieve energy ratings of ‘B’ as standard and even ‘A’ rating!

We are pleased to announce that we are now a member of the Super Spacer Dealership network, which means we are backed up by Edgetech to offer a 20 year guarantee on sealed units.